At what age is it good to take my baby to the beach?

At what age is it good to take my baby to the beach?

You are a beach-lover and you want to give him his first swim but you are not sure you should. The first thing you must know is that you should not hive him his first swim if he is less than two months old because his organism is not prepared for this exposure which can affect baby's health later on.

If your baby is two months old, but just, be careful when bathing him because if he is not accustomed to very high or low temperatures, the best thing you can do is just splash him little by little.

You should do this on the beach for his safety and yours, because you know that currents change suddenly. Make sure the water is clean, clear, without seaweeds and that it not be murky and sandy.

After his swim make sure you change his diaper, the water might have been salty and irritate him. You always need to do so safely and if you can't do it yourself ask your partner for help.

Be watchful when your child goes near the water, he should never be without a life jacket or floater. If he is a little older he has to be given clear instructions before going into the water and he needs to be warned that the ocean is not like the pool – it is much larger and has strong currents.

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