Your baby's growth: skills at two months

Your baby

At two months and three weeks of age babies continue self-discovery, their hands will be the center of their attention, they will be their favorite thing to suck and put in their mouth. If you think he spends a lot of time enjoying his fingers, don't worry because that's his way of calming down and having moments of relaxation.

At this stage he will have better control of his head, he will be able to raise it and keep it up for a few minutes while resting on this back. If he is sitting up, supported on a cushion, he will be able to keep his head up for a little longer.

When baby is on his tummy, you will notice how he can raise his head a little more as well as his chest. You can encourage this movement by showing him some bright object or toy. Another fun way for him to exercise is to hold his hands while he is on his back and slowly raise him up towards you and lower him back down. You must keep his body and head in line with each other while you lift him up.

Story-telling time
Even though you haven't yet purchased a story book with vivid illustrations to share with your baby, it is now time to do so. It doesn't have to be a super story, it an be a short simple text or just illustrations. At this early age reading to baby is very beneficial. You can invent the voices of the characters, sing, laugh and exaggerate the emotions as baby will find this fascinating. If you think he is losing interest don't worry it is normal for him to nod off if he is tired.

Baby now has completely developed his ability to focus so he will pay attention and be curious about everything around him; show him new things that he is not used to seeing. Research on the subject shows that of every ten babies, at least six already recognize the face of their mommy by three months of age. Crying continues to be his means of communications.

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