How to cure gastroesophageal reflux

How to cure gastroesophageal reflux

Before worrying that your baby has reflux, it is

important to determine that he does not. It is important that you, as a mother, understand that it is normal for babies to spit up milk often

when they feed.

Now, when the vomiting and spitting up are so intense that baby starts having throat problems, shows he is in pain (twisting),

turns pale and does not gain weight properly, he probably has reflux.

What to do first?
Don't despair, this situation is more common than you

would imagine and can be remedied with various treatments. One of the most common consequences is that the gastric juices in the stomach back up

through the esophagus every time the baby eats and the high pH burns the esophagus wall. This causes pain, burning sensation and general


Call the doctor and give him a description of baby's symptoms. He will give you advice on what to do, such as feed baby lesser

quantities but more frequently, place baby's head higher than his stomach when he is eating, burp him more frequently and, most probably, change

dairy milk for hypoallergenic formula or for anti-reflux milk (AR milk).

If the discomfort continues what tests are there?
If the symptoms don't

disappear after following the above recommendations, an upper GI endoscopy or a digestive tract endoscopy will most likely be done. Don't

worry, for this latter procedure baby will be sedated and won't feel any pain.

Sometime the reflux doesn't need any medication, you just have to

take measures to relieve the symptoms.

Is there any generic medication?
Every child and every case is different. Do not medicate on your own.

Meantime what do I do?
– Change baby's position while he eats and try to keep him in as vertical a position as possible, even for a few minutes

after he has finished feeding.
– Reduce the amount of milk, but increase the frequency of feedings.
– Some mothers add a little rice cereal to the

bottle to change the consistency. Ask your pediatrician if this is advisable.
– Keep baby away from areas where there is smoke, especially if it

is cigarette smoke.
– Watch his sleep. As tempting as it may be, never give baby anything to induce sleep. Don't put him to sleep in the car

seat, and make sure he sleeps on his back.
– If you decide to let him sleep on his tummy (because that seems to relieve the reflux symptoms) you

must stay awake by his side. Remember that this position increases the risk of Sudden Death Syndrome.
– Studies have shown that babies that

suffer from reflux have family members who have a history of this disorder, were born prematurely, or were born under-weight, as well as nervous

babies and those who tend to accumulate gas.

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