How to know if your baby hears well

How to know if your baby hears well

Most babies are born with normal hearing, but

they can begin to have problems as they grow; others are born with hearing problems. In any case, it is important that you know what to expect

as a normal part of baby's development because some difficulties with his hearing could delay his communication skills.

At birth and at one month

of age, baby has developed his hearing. Generally babies are attracted to voices and high notes, and they might be frightened by loud unexpected


At about three months, all baby's senses are tuned: sight, smell, taste and hearing will be the most dynamic; thanks to the fact that

the temporal lobe of the brain that controls the senses, language and emotions is at its finest moment it will be more active and receptive.


on, your baby will be able to locate the source of sounds and soon he will know when his name is called.

Protect him
Be aware of your baby's

reaction to new sounds. Play music and sing to him; you can use toys or other objects that make sounds, or just read him a story. Some babies

are fascinated by the sound of a clock, an alarm or a music box – little by little you will discover what his preferences are.

Between four and

five months your baby will pay more attention to your mouth as you speak, and he might try to imitate the changes in your voice, especially when

you pronounce m and b.

Be aware
If your baby was born prematurely, had any oxygen problems, any infection at birth or if any member of his

parents' families have had hearing problems, keep a watch out and tell your pediatrician so that the necessary tests can be done.

If your baby

does not awaken when he hears a sudden noise, such as the telephone, the bell or a dog barking, this might be a sign that he has a hearing


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