How to recognize eye infections in babies

How to recognize eye infections in babies

At this time various studies have found

systemic, hereditary or acquired illnesses that irritate baby's eyes. The eye is a delicate organ, whose development begins at birth. However,

there are symptoms that could indicate problems or possible infections; among them, that the child does not focus his sight, has red eyes, or

rubs them frequently.

If this is your situation, below is a list of possible eye infections that your baby could have:

– Allergic conjunctivitis.

Very common and quite contagious. The symptoms are itchy, red, runny and swollen eyes, and a runny nose.
– Bacterial conjunctivitis: In addition

to red eyes, the eyelids are also swollen and a watery, yellow substance is expelled and this dries and hardens during the night, making it hard

to open his eyes when he wakes up.
– Viral conjunctivitis: this normally comes with other illnesses of the respiratory tracts, such as a cold.

The eyes are very runny and secrete a watery substance. They are not itchy but they can be sticky.
– Obstructed tear duct: Common in newborns.

The eyelid skin turns red from being rubbed. The eyes are teary and the tear duct secretes a lot of white or yellow substance.
– Sty: Easily

recognized by the bump around the eye. It may or may not have puss, and creates a lot of tears.
– Chalasion: Similar to the sty; however it

tends to be larger and not only on the edge of the eye. It is annoying but is not painful.
– Blepharitis: One of the few infections that make the

eyelashes fall out and the new ones grow in crooked. The eye can be either dry or teary, the eyelids swell and peel.

You always should call the

doctor if you see your baby has an eye infection. Do not medicate on your own. Among the treatments ordered there might by antibiotic eye

drops, and massage. Some cases require surgery but not very often.

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