How to prevent diaper candidiasis?

How to prevent diaper candidiasis?

Although this is often confused with diaper rash,

the fact is that candidiasis appears with a more intense red rash that lasts longer than a simple diaper rash, and can result in a serious


To avoid this occurring some steps that can be taken are:
– Change baby's diaper as soon as you see he is wet or soiled (do no recycle the

– When you wash him (do so very often) try to let him air dry on an impermeable fabric, so baby's private parts can freshen up.
– Do not

put his diapers on too tightly.
– When you just freshen him up with a wipe because you don't have enough time to give him a bath, make sure that

he is impeccably clean and perfectly dry. Putting on a diaper when baby's skin is still damp allows fungi to reproduce.
– Avoid giving him

antibiotics. Studies show that children who take them tend to develop candidiasis.
What to do if he gets it anyway?
If despite having taken all

the measures possible your child has a bright red rash in his genital area, what you can do is:
– Use water and a soft cloth to clean the area

– Avoid rubbing the affected area or using cream
– Never use corn starch; this is a highly recommended home remedy but in truth it could

make the situation worse.
– Keep your hands very clean as well as baby's.
– Ask your doctor to recommend a cream that you might use.
– If you use

fabric diapers, do not use fabric softener or scented soaps.
– If at all possible, let them air dry.
– Call your doctor if your baby has a fever or

if you see pimples, blisters, ulcers, large bumps or puss-filled sores.

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