At what age will my baby's first little teeth come in?

At what age will my baby

At 4 to 7 months most babies get their first teeth, so if your baby cries all the time at this stage of his life you will know why. However some babies get their first teeth at about one year of age.

Development of baby's teeth starts in the uterus. Although they have no teeth when they are born the basis for good teeth is started in the uterus, and they will start breaking through baby's gums in a few short months.

The first teeth to appear are usually those in front, either upper or lower, then those on the sides and finally their molars. They tend to lose these baby teeth at about 6 years of age.

When baby's teeth start to come in he can feel poorly, some children more than others but below are some of the symptoms you can expect:

– Irritability
– Fever
– Swollen gums
– Biting everything he can get his hands on
– Diarrhea
– Insomnia
– Loss of appetite
– Constant dribbling
– Facial rash

He probably won't have all these symptoms but the most common are fever, loss of appetite and the desire to chew on everything. If your baby's fever continues to rise you should call your pediatrician because it could mean the beginning of an infection rather than teething.

Experts claim that such symptoms as diarrhea are rare so could mean a virus or illness. Others claim that diarrhea is caused by the amount of saliva produced, causing an upset in baby's intestines.

Below are some suggestions to keep in mind:

– Buy him toys he can use to rub is gums and when he is not using them put them in the freezer before giving them to him.
– Wash your hands very well and rub his gums with your finger.
– If your baby is still uncomfortable, call your pediatrician so he can recommend what medications can be applied.

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