At 18 months of age my baby still wants to be carried

At 18 months of age my baby still wants to be carried

The time has come when your baby wants to be in your arms all the time, even though he knows how to walk without falling. This happens because your baby needs you and your affection; or because he is tired of walking, his little body is just getting used to this new movement and tires quickly.

When this happens, pick him up; but not for long because then he will always want to be carried around and this is not good. If you can't pick up your baby because he is now too heavy, our advice is that you use his carriage or walker so you can walk him around easily

When you go anywhere with your baby where he will be in the sun it would be advisable, before leaving the house, that you apply sun protector to both his face and his arms. Remember that your baby's skin is sensitive and that the sun, at his age, might cause cancer later on in life..

When you go to the park or the beach, have him wear light clothing and a hat, and always try to have an umbrella so you can provide shade.

Sun screen should have at least a factor of 30; however your can ask your doctor for his recommendation on the best protection for your baby. Remember that this sun screen should also protect your baby against ultraviolet rays.

Try to apply the sun screen a half hour before going out to make sure it is effective, and re-apply every two hours or when baby comes out of the pool or the water at the beach.

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