10 steps to changing a fabric diaper

10 steps to changing a fabric diaper

At first sight changing baby's diaper might seem super-easy or super-difficult, depending on who's view it is. The fact is that the daily routine will make you an expert but meantime we offer some suggestions on step by step diaper-changing:

Before change the diaper you should wash your hands with soap and warm water, and dry them on a wipe or damp disposable towel, place your baby on a safe , clean and dry surface such as a mattress, towel or fabric diaper that you can lie him on to change him. Just as you do with his bath, make sure you have handy everything you will need. Remember, you will need a clean diaper and, if it is fabric, a liner, safety pins and a cream or vaseline to prevent diaper rash.

Below are ten simple steps to changing your baby's fabric diaper:

1. Have a clean diaper handy, open the front of the clean diaper and fold down.
2. Unpin the soiled diaper, fold the front part halfway back. If baby is a boy you might want to cover his penis with a towel or clean diaper to avoid urine spray.
3. If the diaper is soiled use the front half to clean his bottom, upwards down.
4. Fold the soiled diaper so the clean side is facing up. To do this, take baby by his ankles and lift up until his bottom is raised. Clean the genital area with a disposable damp baby wipe or a damp cloth. Clean little girls from front to back to avoid infections from the anus entering her vagina.
5. Remove the soiled diaper and wipe, if used.
6. Place the clean diaper under your baby, lining it up with his waist.
7. Lift the front section over baby's waist. In the case of boys, place the penis pointing downward to avoid urine from leaking out the top.
8. In the case of newborn babies, try not to cover the umbilical cord in order to avoid irritation.
9. Make sure that the diaper between baby's legs is not too bulky as the folds sometimes are bothersome.
10. Pin the diaper closed, some have snaps but others require safety pins. It should be snug but not too tight. Once the diaper is in place, cover with the plastic protective pants and you're done.

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