8 basic rules when buying commercial food for your baby

8 basic rules when buying commercial food for your baby

Buying processed food for babies is a practical decision that often creates controversy, but it is not criticized because most products that are on the market do not cause harm to children.

If for reasons of time, convenience or taste you choose to buy food for your baby, try to follow the following rules: When you go shopping, choose the foods whose label says is intended for children the age of your baby (usually Start with the first stage).

Never stop checking the expiration date and the condition of the container: never carry something that is half open or that has broken the security seal.

Avoid foods that have been added sugar and modified starch, these bring unnecessary calories without any nutritional value.

Buy foods of a single flavor and not combined, so you will see how your child reacts to each option you offer.

There are those who recommend more organic foods than those processed, this decision will depend more on your beliefs and your budget than anything else.

Medically both are just as valid.

If you keep food prepared in the refrigerator, try not to spend more than 24 hours without being consumed, as they could decompose.

(If foods are only fruit based they can last 48 hours).

If you prepare food for several servings, you have to avoid that the food you are going to save has contact with used instruments, this could generate bacteria.

You can heat the food in the microwave, but be sure to use the indicated container and stir well to keep the temperature uniform.

You can also warm up using the water bath.

The foods that are given the first months of life can condition the taste of your baby, therefore, try to offer from the beginning more healthy and fresh food so that, from the beginning, the child develops preferences for foods that do not Do damage and give you the nutritional values ??you need.

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