How to treat baby's ailments and colds.

How to treat baby

When your child is small he has not develop his immune system so he is more likely to come down with a cold, especially if we consider how many viruses there are that cause colds. These infections are easily transmitted to babies because they put everything in their mouths.

You must keep in mind that cold air and heating dry the nasal mucus in babies, that this makes it easier for the virus to enter his body; it is for this reason that during autumn and winter there are many more sick children.

As our children grow older, their tendency to catch colds decreases; an adult catches a cold from one to four times a year; and a baby from ten to twelve times.

You have to find out whether your child has a cold, the flu or an allergy; this is not easy because their symptoms are similar.

– Cold: nose is runny with transparent mucus, turning thicker and gray, yellow or green. He continues to be active.
– Allergies: his eyes are itchy and runny, his nose runs, he has repeated attacks of sneezing, his skin itches, and the mucus is always clear.
– If he vomits, has diarrhea and runs a high fever, he might have another illness.

In order for your child to feel better, we recommend that be allowed to sleep and drink abundant fluids. If he is very congested and has not learned how to blow his nose, it would be wise to use saline solution drops and an aspirator (if he resists, stop). To lessen his irritation you can rub a little Vaseline on the outside of his nostrils. Do not use aerosol unless your doctor has recommended it.

It is not wise to give your child cold medicines if your doctor has not prescribed them. Normally, if your child is younger than six months, over-the-counter medicines will not work and at times might cause dangerous secondary effects. Ear aches will not go away with cough syrup, so it is important that your doctor tell you what is best for your baby.

– Always give him the prescribed dose.
– Do not give him medicines that have not been prescribed.
– If you want to relieve the symptoms of his cold naturally, you could try adding a few drops of menthol, eucalyptus or pine to a vaporizer. To relax baby you might try a little honey or chamomile tea.
– There is a Chinese herb known as Ma Huang that supposedly is a decongestant. You must not use this as it has been associated with high blood pressure, arrhythmia, convulsions, heart attack, and even strokes.

If your baby has any of the following symptoms, call you doctor immediately:
– Temperature above 103 .1
– If his fever lasts more than 2 days
– If he has a cough
– Fast, difficult breathing
– If he touches his ear and his crying is not normal (ear infection)
– Has runny or sticky eyes (Conjunctivitis)
– Changes in his eating habits
– Excessive irritability or sleepiness
– If the cold has not gone away after 14 days.

To prevent your child from getting sick, follow the recommendations below:
– To keep your baby hydrated, make sure that he drinks plenty of fluids during the day
– Give him nourishing foods at meal time.
– It is important that he stay active
– Make sure he gets enough rest.
– Proper hygiene is essential to avoid colds; make sure that he washes his hands well with soap and warm water after going to the bathroom and before meals.
– As much as you can, keep him away from sick people.
– Keep him away from smokers.

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