How do I know that my baby has eaten enough?

How do I know that my baby has eaten enough?

As baby's can't talk, parents quite

often think their baby will be left hungry and not be able to let them know; so they make the mistake of over-feeding. To avoid this happening

there are various signs that will let you know that baby is satisfied and doesn't want any more:

– Doesn't pay attention to food: when he is not

hungry he will pay no attention to his dish.
– When you offer him one more bite he turns away or raises his hand.
– He spits food out.
– Shakes his

head “no”.
– He asks to be taken down from his chair or starts rubbing his eyes.
– Rachel Brandeis, dietitian in Atlanta, Georgia, claims that

“children are perfectly aware of when they are full, which means that they will stop eating when they are satisfied”.

When a child starts giving

those signals, try to give him a couple of mouthfulls more, so don't insist because he could be traumatized for future attempts.

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