How to learn more about your premature baby's health

How to learn more about your premature baby

Learning about the condition

of your premature baby could be difficult for any parent, but there are many ways to achieve this. If you are informed you may pass information

on to other parents and offer them advice because you will be better prepared to handle the situation.

Ask questions: it is normal for you as

parents of a premature baby to not know everything about his condition. Try to make a list of your doubts and ask the medical personnel for

answers. Ask again if your doctor gives you and answer you don't understand. When you visit your baby, take note of all his movements and the

appliances around him so that you can ask your doctor what each one is for. You have to know right from the start who is the person charged with

your baby's care, how you can give your baby love, what are the consequences of your baby's condition, etc.

Permanent contact with the medical

personnel in charge of your baby. Always stay in touch with the nursing team around your baby. They will keep you informed of everything baby

does, his improvements and attitude. If is wise to express your opinion about what is being done to baby and what options are available.

Remember that everyone is a member of a team and the most important factor is that baby be in the best condition possible, so communication is


Finally, as you know, you will not always get good news. There will be times when the situation might be delicate, but communication between

you and medical team will make these moments less stressful.

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