How to avoid the accumulation of excessive wax in my baby's ears

How to avoid the accumulation of excessive wax in my baby

Although you might

find it hard to believe wax in the ears helps keep them healthy and clean, it protects the eardrum against dirt and dust and other particles that

could damage it.

Wax builds up, dries and, together with other foreign particles, is ejected to the outer ear where it disappears thanks to proper

washing. Sometimes not all of it is ejected and that is where the problem arises.

When our baby has an excessive accumulation of wax in his ear

his hearing is affected; in some cases it can cause an ear infection and this normally brings on a fever.

It is important that you do not put any

foreign object in your baby's ear in an attempt to extract wax, not even swabs. The eardrum has a small membrane that can be broken and worsen

the situation. Therefore, if you find a lot of wax in your baby's ears, speak to your doctor and have him handle the situation; he usually

will put a warm liquid in his ear which will allow to wax to come out by itself, and he will tell you how to avoid accumulation of wax in the


Although you might not believe it, ear wax becomes thicker when our bodies are dehydrated; so to prevent this from occurring we must keep

our little one hydrated at all times.

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