How to avoid heavy blows when your baby falls

How to avoid heavy blows when your baby falls

Children learn by trial and error, so

it is easy to accept the fact that during their growth and development of their motor skills there will be many falls. As this is the case it is

important, before your little one starts to move around on his own, that you make your home as safe as possible.

– Cover dangerous furniture

corners so that, if baby hits them, he will get nothing more than a fright.
– If there are stairs in your home, your baby must be taught that he

must not go near them; try to put up a barrier.
– Try to remove all the rugs as baby could slip on them.
– Remove all chairs and other furniture

close to windows as children love to climb.
– When you change baby's diapers on the changing table, make sure the straps are still secure and

even then don't take your eyes off your baby.
– When you sit your baby in the shopping cart, always secure him with the safety belt, and do not

walk away from the cart.

What to do when he falls?
– Every time baby falls you have to make sure he has not hurt himself and that it was just a

– Make sure his head and back have not been hurt.
– Check his arms too, and make sure they are not broken
– If your baby goes back to what he

was doing within minutes, he most likely is fine. But keep an eye on his reactions for the next 24 hours.

If after a fall your baby is bleeding,

cries too much, loses consciousness, breaks a bone shows signs of a serious injury to his head (such as if you feel a soft spot) convulses or

vomits, take him to the Emergency Room without delay.

You as a mother have to understand that it is perfectly normal for your child to fall, have

bruises, bumps and scrapes. Slight blows are just one stage in the development of his motor skills and his independence. When he begins to move

around, make sure to keep all dangerous objects out of baby's reach and cover all electrical outlets. Make sure too to put all disinfectants

and toxic liquids in a locked cabinet.

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