6 Keys to making my baby's injections less painful

6 Keys to making my baby

One situation that can cause tension is vaccination time for baby. We know that vaccinations are necessary, but they can be painful for baby.

Your doctor will offer suggestions on how to make them less painful for your baby. After all, the most important point is that baby be healthy.

General recommendations at injection time:

1. Schedule the vaccination for a time when baby will be in a safe and comfortable place following a vaccination (in case he has a reaction) Do not consider this as “it only takes a minute and then it's over” or as a routine part of preparing for a trip.
2. Ask your doctor if you can administer a low dose of acetaminophen before the vaccination.
3. Ask if you will be allowed to breastfeed him while he is given the vaccination, as this might help calm him down.
4. Do something that you know calms him; sing to him, rock him in your arms, caress him and talk non-stop. Do everything within your power to distract him.
5. Ask if you can apply a cream called EMLA, a local anesthetic that helps reduce pain both at the time of vaccination and later.
6. Don't be nervous. Remember that the vaccination is necessary to keep baby healthy and safe. If you get upset, baby will notice and be upset too.

When you arrive that the doctor's office, ask the doctor to tell you how you should hold your baby so his leg or arm will be still when injected. Lowering the level of your child's nerves may be the best way to help make it less painful.

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