A woman's body after pregnancy

A woman

Just as your pregnancy lasted months, so will your body need time to get back to normal. Remember that you went through a stage where your organism suffered hormonal changes that you weren't used to.

When you get back to your regular weight you will notice that your body isn't the same. You may notice that your gluteos are fuller and rounder and that from the waist down you are fuller and wider.

Many women, after giving birth, continue to use their maternity clothes because they are still swollen. . When going through your closet this is the clothing that you will feel more comfortable in. If you are one of those women who don't want to wear maternity clothes, you can opt for sweat pants, leggings and loose blouses.

If you want to get back to your normal weight you have to eat properly and drink lots of water. Remember, you are not going to lose weight overnight. Everything takes time. If you eat properly you will soon get results. Also, if you add 20 or 25 minutes of exercise you will reach your perfect weight more quickly. Try to join classes where you work on your breathing, such as yoga and pilates; today there are gyms for moms and babies where not only will you get exercise but you can share with your baby.

If you prefer to stay home, follow exercise videos and put them on when your baby is taking a nap. There are lots of options, just chose the the one that suits you best.

The world of pregnancy and life thereafter is the most marvelous thing that can happen to a woman. So don't be frustrated, and enjoy this moment.

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