Detect stress and attack it

Detect stress and attack it

When you become a mother you go from being a woman in control of most things in your life, to becoming a person trying lead a perfect life for yourself, your child, and for managing your home while facing constant and fast-changing problems.

When mom feels great stress it seems that all the members of the family are out of control, and even while still pregnant, your fetus can sense this stress and be affected by it.

The most noticeable signs of stress are: your heart rate and blood pressure increase, your muscles tighten, breathing is faster, and illnesses begin to attack you as your resistance is lower; you have acid re-flux and constipation, you begin to lose sleep at night, you are exhausted more often and your energy level drops and at times your menstruation gets out of control

Your conduct changes too, and you become careless about your appearance and your obligations, because your concentration and memory lessen. Among all the other things on your mind, you leave chores unfinished and, of course, as there is not enough time for everything, your friends and family become less important.

Because you are irritable, arguments with your loved ones become everyday occurrences, and you begin to say goodbye to happy times. Those people who are stressed tend to eat more even if they are not hungry, and drink more caffeine, alcohol or other products that become their best friends for easing their stress.

Stressed people always have nervous habits such as nail-biting. If you show any of these symptoms don't worry the first thing you need to do is realize you have the problem, and attack it.

In order to keep your mind and your body healthy it is very important that you follow a balanced diet, that you exercise daily, and that you refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol. It is always a good idea for you to try and look good as this will make you feel more optimistic. You should always write down those things that are stressing your out so that later on you can find solutions when you are alone.

In order to relax your body you need to force yourself to take rests during the day, breathe deeply, do exercises to tense and relax your muscles and at times it would be good for you to close your eyes and allow yourself positive thoughts. If you are a religious person pray and read an inspiring passage; give yourself a relaxing bath.

Try to find support and surround yourself with optimistic persons who will help calm you down. It is always good to confide in someone and if necessary seek professional help.

We assure that if you make an effort and follow this advice you will be less stressed.

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