How to be a good father to a premature baby

How to be a good father to a premature baby

The arrival of a premature baby can change your life and your image of fatherhood. You will be overcome, saddened, worried and fearful.

Although your stress levels will increase, you have to stay firm and positive, show your best attitude to your partner so that she will feel your support. The objective here is to be hopeful, don't allow yourself to he carried away by worries that you can't think about now; the most important thing right now is the health of your new baby.

Below we offer some situations you will face

Mixed feelings
Its normal to have mixed feelings, that you had never had before, more so if you are already a father. Fathers worry and are overcome more than mothers because, as men, they feel responsible for the well-being and stability of the family.

Show your partner unfailing support
You have to show your partner all the support and love you feel for her, don't feel pressure but remember that you can talk with her whenever you want and this will create a much closer union between you two. If you don't feel that you can, find a friend and explain your feelings to him, and surely he will be able to help you.

Accept the help around you
It is wise to accept all the help possible from your family members, especially to do those errands that you now can't do because of all the time you spend in the hospital instead of taking care of other matters. You can make a list so you have more time for your new baby, your wife, and your work.

Support your baby
The best way to be close to your baby is by talking with the hospital personnel, get to know them, ask them any questions you may have, so that every checkup will be a good one . It is also wise to talk with your partner about the situation, what improvements can be made, and discuss these with the doctor.

Stay healthy
Once baby has arrived, it's time to take a breather; but you always have to keep in mind that your health is important. Try to get enough sleep so that you can do all you have to do during the day. Try to find a little time for meditation or to play your favorite sport, and if you feel sad, you should seek help.

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