How to involve the father in feeding

How to involve the father in feeding

Mother's milk is the ideal and natural way to provide baby with the nutritional and immunological support it needs. From the emotional point of view it also provides another important benefit because it creates a connection between baby and mother. Many fathers agree with this but at the same time they feel somewhat neglected, so it is important that you try to get your partner to connect with baby.

This feeling of neglect can worry the father because he feels that it will be more difficult to establish and develop a relationship with his baby, and on other occasions he may even feel jealous because baby has \"come between\" him from his partner.

Research shows that the more supportive the father is of his partner, women breastfeed longer because they feel secure and able to do so. As a father you have a basic role in feeding, so you must:

– Provide support and affection. Take over some of the household chores because breastfeeding will take a lot of time that otherwise was spent on chores. Give her a pillow or take her a glass of water while she is breastfeeding, and offer to burp the baby.
– Touch your baby's skin. You can rock him, bathe him and either sing to him or read him a bedtime story.
– Take time to get to know your baby. Take him for a walk in his car seat or stroller, play with him, change his diaper, and take every moment you can spend with him.
– You can feed your baby. Whether your baby takes formula or mother's milk that has been extracted earlier.
– Be patient and understanding. If your partner doesn't seem interested in having sex, remember that many women have postpartum depression and feel “ugly”. And when breastfeeding baby they have less estrogen in their bodies, which means less vaginal lubrication and difficult and at times painful coitus.

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