How dad can calm baby's crying

How dad can calm baby

Calming your baby's crying can be challenging for a parent; however there are ways that you as a father can achieve this. First, observe how your partner identified the different cries, when he is hungry or when he needs to be changed. When his crying is louder and you can't find a reason, try to put your baby finger in his mouth so he can suck on it, being careful not hurt him with y our nail. Give him a bottle with a couple of ounces at room temperature, whether it is mother's milk or formula. Although it might be hard to believe, many babies prefer a bottle to the breast, so changing from one the the other is not a bad idea. Find the most comfortable posture of your baby in your arms, and start rocking him. This is a sort of anesthesia for the baby. If he continues to cry, you can try a little faster movement and sing to him. If your baby is older than five months, try making faces at him and dancing, find something he really enjoys when he is happy. Try placing him on your breast because your heartbeat will calm him. Letting your baby cry for a short time won't do him any harm, sometimes babies cry for no reason at all, you can watch him in his crib and sing to him. You can also hold him sitting down and lightly tap him on the back. Most of all, take a deep breath and be patient.

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