Don't spoil your child


It's not easy when it comes to bringing up our children, there is always a fear that you will be permissive and spoil your child, or if you are too strict your child will be fearful, so we offer the following advice on bringing up well educated children: Give your child clear and simple rules, explain clearly that there are limits. You can avoid confusion and arguments in the future but it is not the same to say when you finish watching television you are to go to bed, as it is to say 20 more minutes of television and then off to bed. Always be firm in your decisions, don't make threats you won't follow through on. It's simple; if for example your child asks for 5 more minutes before taking his bath, make sure it is five minutes, no more and no less. It's no problem if he takes a little more time, but there will be a problem if you back down because your child will realize that mom says no but then will say yes. Don't give in to whining because once you give in your child will know that whining is the perfect way to manipulate you and get his way. Make him give you a good reason to change your decision. If you are not sure you should let your child do something he wants to do, ask him for a good reason to let him do it. A good example is that if he wants to watch TV and he tells you he has finished his homework and tidied his room, then you can say yes. Apply the norm “before you play you have to do your homework” because if you are lax on his responsibilities your are not doing him any good. When parents make their children fulfill their obligations in order to enjoy something else, it has been proven that they help to better develop the child's frustration management. Don't feel fear or guilt if you make him cry. It is always going to be hard for a parent to see their children cry but we can't always say yes to everything. There are times when you have to say no and it has been proven that learning to handle small letdowns helps children handle emotional stress better in the future. Teach him that he has to earn things. As parents we would like to give our children everything, make sure they don't have to work for things and that they can have everything they want. But making things that easy for them doesn't do them any favors because we are creating spoiled children You might establish a payback system at home so that your child will learn the value of earning what he wants. If he wants a new bicycle, he can earn points for chores done and for good behavior. This way he will learn that he has to work for what he wants.

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